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January 02, 2008


Joanne Huffman

I have to admit I preferred the neighborhood tour over the Thomas the Tank video. It was cool to hear your voice (everyone always sounds like me when I read their email unless I've heard them speak).


Kari McKnight-Holbrook

Love the Tour! Can't imagine being warm enough right now to take the lovely time to go for a walk! Frosted lungs ya-know! Looks like such a nice neighborhood, and it's so cool you know your neighbors! (I know mine, but it's because they are family, so that doens't count!)

And I think you've got a budding action movie director on your hands!


Christy, I really enjoyed your blog! are those blue lips on you son? ..i remember those days! very cute! Your skinny book looks fantastic - very creative use of angela and joanne's images.

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