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October 28, 2007


Joanne Huffman

You've used Lily very well. This is a beautiful piece. I look forward to seeing more selections fromyour art journal.


HOLY COW, Christy!! My mouth is still gaping open at this piece!! This is BEAUTIFUL...I absolutely LOVE it!! You've done an amazing job with this.

As far as the rain, yes, I will attest to how much we needed it. I was afraid we would not be able to enjoy the fall colors since everything was drying out and turning brown. Let's hope that we will still be able to see some of autumn's beauty.


Wow back at ya, Kath! I appreciate the kudos especially from you. I love your artwork (as you well know). It really means a lot. Thank you.

Kari McKnight-Holbrook

BEAUTIFUL piece! I spent a week with Lynne in Puerto Vallarta this year, and I can tell you she would be PROUD. Not only have you mastered what you've read- you've made it your own that's for sure!

Beth Moran

This piece is absolutely fabulous, Christy! I definitely see the Perrella influence. Wonderful job!


Hi Christy!
I'm in the ArtChix group with you and came into your blog from a comment on there. I love this piece. I currently have that book checked out from our library and I don't know how I'll ever return it! I can definitely see Lynn Perella's influence and yet your style is still definitely showing through... good work, Miss!

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