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June 01, 2007


Joanne Huffman

Christy, that's a refreshing story; thanks for posting it. And, your cabinet cards are neat. I just bought I book full of cabinet cards when I was in Missouri last week and I'm not wuite sure what I'll do with them, but I'll definitely be scanning them before I do anything else.


G.R.I.T.S. rule! This is just the kind of thing more people need to know about Southerners, and Virginians in particular. Unfortunately, the bad stuff gets all the press coverage and fuels the southern stereotypes of bigotry and discrimination.


Hi Christy ~ I wanted to thank you for the generous sharing of your cabinet card images. I got excited and created an ATC with one of them. I sent that to you by email. Thanks again. Have a great weekend and stay cool ~*~Patty in VA


Thanks for your comments, ladies. Thanks, Patrizia, and I'm going to go see what you made now!


Love your story Christy. I agree, skin color shouldn't matter. When I worked, my boss was white, my assistant manager was black. If I had to choose between the 2, I would pick my assistant manager. I actually didn't even think of her being black. Just a sweet, loving, caring human being. I liked her a lot.
What a sweet thing you did for that lady. You will be rewarded. What goes around, comes around.
Thanks for your story. I enjoyed it.

kelly snelling

your "epistle" brought a lump to my throat and joy to my heart. thanks for sharing this lovely gesture and story, christy.


Thanks, Kelly belly. I wasn't looking for kudos for myself, I was trying to make a point that we can all make this world a little better and ourselves in the process by just stepping outside ourselves for a few minutes even. That whole thing didn't take 15 minutes of my time and cost me nothing really yet I felt great for hours after. I've heard that "one person can't make a difference" (been told that about voting, etc), but that's not true. Anyone who's had a good friend knows that one makes all the difference! 0.


It really is sweet of you to post my ATC on your nice blog Christy. Technology is just so cool and still blows me away! Everything is so fast too!

Marse girl

As much as your story touched my heart it certainly didn't surprise me. You are one of the most selfless, caring and giving human beings I've ever met. You give to me every single day...just by being the beautiful spirit you are. You are amazing my darling friend and I wish I was more like you in so many ways.


What an awesome story Christy! I can't say that what you did surprised me whatsoever you are truly the most giving, caring genuine person I know!! I also know without a doubt that you would give the shirt off your back to someone that needed it in a heartbeat! I'm proud to call you my friend!! Great example how color shoudln't make a difference and how YOU did make a difference.

Maija Lepore

Thanks for the inspirational story!

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